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Your Automated Income Solution

At Champion we are committed to creating winning situations for our clients and making a positive and lasting impact for them financially so that they have the freedom and confidence to create the life they’ve always wished for.

We have quickly become the #1 fastest growing automated income partner in the United States.

We’ve also helped thousands of clients grow their monthly recurring revenue through our done-for-you Digital Real Estate business model that provides automated and tax deductible revenue streams without all the headaches of physical rental properties.

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A Few of Our Success Stories…

I have made more money back than I invested

Champion Digital Real Estate has been a fun and exciting experience.I have made more money back than I invested, which was my first goal...and now i'm excited to see what each month holds going forward. The initial investment was small, and very affordable compared to other companies out there. The best part of it all, is everything is done for you! I love having a team that works to make my sites profitable.

I'm beyond happy that I went with Champion

After jumping on a webinar with Champion and asking the questions I had, to one of the owners nonetheless, I knew Champion was the company to choose! Some of my friends chose other companies and they have regretted it. I'm beyond happy that I went with Champion. As time goes on, they have continued to exceed my expectations! Highly recommend! 

5 of them have already started producing revenue!!!

I purchased 5 digital real estate sites in October, and quickly made a purchase of an additional 5 before the month was over so that I could take advantage of their buy 10 get 1 free offer (not sure if that was a one time thing… but i definitely didn't want to miss it!) I’ve owned my 11 sites for about 4 months now, was told not to expect any revenue for the first 6 or so months, but 5 of them have already started producing revenue!!! Can't wait to see how these continue to grow over the coming years.

Digital real estate is exactly what I was looking for!! 

I picked up 4 DRE’s before the price increased, I’ll be adding more this week with a few friends to partner up. Thanks again as this is truly an amazing and life changing experience, I used to flip houses for years and have recently decided to cut my losses, cash out and avoid the turbulence of the stock market and real estate market for the time being…I went to the Million Dollar Mastermind to expand my mind and level up my income and you guys couldn't have come at a better time! Digital real estate is exactly what I was looking for!!

About Us


It’s 2021, and I’ve risen to the top leadership ranks at a well-known financial firm. The company’s owners then approach me with the following:

“Jake, you need to shut down all those other businesses you’ve got your hands in. We require your undivided attention to ours. If you don’t, we’re going to terminate you.”

The phrase “all those other businesses” referred to the various streams of income I’d established. I tried to keep my personal life quiet because I knew the company frowned upon its leaders doing anything but their business. But my latest entrepreneurial venture was blowing up so fast, they found out about it.

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Champion helped me
achieve financial freedom!

Real Estate

Hands-off monthly
recurring revenue

Through our done-for-you Digital Real Estate sites we offer tax deductible, revenue generating, digital assets that are a true game changer for our clients.

When you purchase a digital asset from us, we research, build and scale a lead-generating website on your behalf and then manage the sale of those leads to generate income that you pocket as profit!

When you purchase Digital Real Estate you get all the benefits of physical real estate without the headache of tenants and all the overhead & expenses, and at a much lower cost of entry. If you’re looking for a hands off, revenue generating asset, our Digital Real Estate products are for you.

E-Commerce Stores

We Do FBA the Right Way!

When you choose to work with us we offer a truly done-for-you experience for your E-Commerce store. Whether we are launching a new store for you or taking over one that you’ve already built, you get to reap all of the benefits without any of the headaches or time-consuming management. We’re currently the only company in the space offering this much value to our clients because we want you to win, and win fast!

Unlike our competitors, we operate with a US based team of experts and we handle everything for you from market research, product listing & order processing to customer communication, return requests, and everything 
in between!

We automate and optimize your online store to maximize revenue and will become your full service operating partner that only wins when you do!

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I'm beyond happy that
I went with Champion!

Start Your Recurring REVENUE


At Champion, we believe in streamlining and systematizing our entire process to make everything easier and faster for our clients. Unlike many of our competitors who will make you jump through a ton of hoops and give you a lot of homework, we make the process simple and get you well on your way to recurring revenue quickly through the following few steps.

If you want more information on the products and services we offer you can start with step #1 below, and if you’re already set to get started you can skip ahead to step #2.

Our Founders host a live presentation and Q&A, every week via zoom, where you’ll discover how you can leverage our proven business model to create multiple streams of recurring revenue and avoid all the work and headaches of starting your own business.

When you join, you’ll get to meet our Founders and key members of our Champion team who will be sharing everything we have to offer as a company and how we can help you achieve your recurring revenue goals. We’ll take you through live examples of our product, explain the process and monetization strategies used to create a profitable asset as quickly as possible! You’ll also get access to the team following the presentation to get all of your questions answered and set up with your next step.

Join Our Next Presentation

Right now, or after joining one of our presentations, you can request our contract by texting “CHAMPION” to 954-758-5525 or scanning the QR code below. We’ll send you a copy of our contract that clearly displays our process, commitment and explains our 24 month guarantee!  You take all the time you need to review it, sign it and send it back to us at which point we’lll send you an invoice with a simple click-to-pay option so we can get you on your way to recurring revenue without the hassle.

Scan this QR Code to receive our contract

Within 24-48 hours of receiving your payment the Champion team will begin your onboarding process where we’ll get all of your information set up, set expectations regarding each of your digital assets, and give you your first taste of why Champion is the best at what we do.

Once your onboarding is complete we get to work building your assets for you. We take care of everything for you and will support you through any process that needs your involvement. An onboarding specialist will walk you through any remaining aspects of the process and answer any questions you may have.

Once your assets are built and launched you’ll gain access to tracking portals that will allow you to monitor the performance of each of your assets, and track the revenue generated through each. Once launched, we keep working to deliver the best performing e-commerce products and the highest producing digital real estate assets possible. Our in-house support team is composed of 100% US-based support representatives who are well versed in the products themselves. Whenever you need us, we are just a message, email or phone call away. The more successful your assets are, the more successful we are and we’re committed to monitoring, optimizing and maximizing on your behalf. We put in the lion’s share of the effort, and you earn the lion’s share of the profits!

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Praise for


As the #1 Digital Real Estate Broker in the United States helping thousands of clients to optimize their time and maximize their recurring revenue, Champion has gained significant attention in the marketplace.

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Ian Prukner

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Ian Prukner & Jake Fruge Jr.

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Want to interview one of our Founders or make a media request?

Compelling Presentations

From Inspiring Leaders

Our Founders hold the highest standards for themselves and their company while leading through enrollment and inspiration. They are highly engaged in the business and in the results of our clients and they are committed to creating a positive impact in the world.

With many successes far before Champion they’ve been highly sought after speakers to inspire audiences and educate them on financial freedom, residual income, and recurring revenue solutions .

If you want to inspire and educate your audience, group or organization on these topics, connect with us now using the form below.

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