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It’s 2021, and I’ve risen to the top leadership ranks at a well-known financial firm. The company’s owners then approach me with the following:

“Jake, you need to shut down all those other businesses you’ve got your hands in. We require your undivided attention to ours. If you don’t, we’re going to terminate you.”

The phrase “all those other businesses” referred to the various streams of income I’d established. I tried to keep my personal life quiet because I knew the company frowned upon its leaders doing anything but their business. But my latest entrepreneurial venture was blowing up so fast, they found out about it. (More on that later).

“Shut everything else down or get suspended.”

I don’t believe in being controlled or told what to do.

And these guys had already curtailed my social media activity, public speaking engagements, writing topics, and even the people I could help…

So, despite the fact that my salary was in the seven figures,

I walked.

By the end of our first full year, we hit $50 mill in revenue and 600 employees. (We have the best team in the world; I kept saying, “We’re Assembling the Avengers.”)

Today, we have over 220 E-commerce stores under management. On the digital real estate side, we‘re running 10,000 sites that generate a couple of million dollars annually for 1800 clients. In the near future, we will be distributing one million dollars monthly.

Champion Passive Income’s mission is to make passive income streams accessible to everyone, and our values are to provide excellent customer service, underpromise, and over-deliver.

Now you know the story of why I walked away when I was given the ultimatum to “shut down those other businesses.” Champion Passive Income was too legit to quit.

My goals and ambitions are far too expansive to be limited in any way.

The same is true for our clients, and we’re here to help them achieve that.


Jake Fruge Jr

Jake Fruge Jr

Jake Fruge Jr. is the owner and founder of JFJ Holdings, a 9-figure holdings company with ownership of over 25 companies each generating between 6 and 9 figures annually. 

With over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry, Fruge has been a mentor to thousands across the nation, building champions, and earning his nickname as “The People’s Champ” 

He currently resides in Houston Texas with his beautiful wife, Madison as they build a life to impact the masses through words, wisdom and wealth.

Ian Prukner

Ian Prukner

Ian Prukner is one of the original founders of Champion and now holds the extremely important title of CEO. He is deeply committed to creating a powerful and impactful opportunity for all to access the benefits of hands-free monthly recurring revenue.

Ian Prukner is a Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Coach. He has built companies in finance, real estate, e-commerce and intellectual property spaces doing over $4 Billion in sales to date, including a multiple 8-figure exit.

Prukner was born and raised in Royal Oak Michigan, and now resides in sunny Siesta Key Florida with his lovely Wife Jessica and 3 children Kayley, Zac and Zoey. 

Brad Romero

Brad Romero

Brad Romero is a self-made entrepreneur and family man. Despite dropping out of school at a young age, he has built a successful career since the early age of only 16 years old. To date, Brad has owned and operated over 11 businesses, selling most of them to continue scaling, and developing new ventures. With a strong passion for entrepreneurship, Romero has proven that hard work and determination can pay off.

Aside from his work here at Champion to continue pioneering new initiatives and refining our operation, Brad spends the remainder of his time as a devoted husband and father of four children.

Faith and family always come first as Brad strives to continually develop into a better leader, and motivator to those around him. He lives by the quote "Embracing discomfort and surrounding myself with like-minded individuals was my foundation to success.”

Melton Weaver

Melton Weaver

Melton Weaver is one of the original founders of Champion and leads our oh-so important finance department. He has been married for 15 years and has 3 young children whose sporting events he loves to attend and coach. He’s spent the past 17 years as a financial advisor and focused on developing and implementing a practice of organizational scaling through systems and culture development. Weaver has proudly served as a coach and mentor to the masses, and is highly sought after for the launch and growth of organizations ranging from casinos to churches around the country! 

Born and raised in Mobile Alabama, Melton attended the University of South Alabama where he received degrees in both finance and computer science. Melton is a true born and raised Crismons Tide fan, and when he is not watching sports, he enjoys playing golf, doing jiu jitsu and spending time with his beautiful family!


Dalton Bristow

Dalton Bristow

Chief Financial Officer

Dalton Bristow is a Marine Corps veteran with over 12 years of experience in the world of finance.

He has worked in numerous accounting and financial platforms and has earned QBO & Sage Intacct certifications as an admin educator.

After graduating from Texas Tech University with honors and a double bachelor's degree in Psychology & Statistics. He now loves overcoming the everyday challenges that come with being a CFO at Champion & leading such a wonderful group of people within the finance team.

In his spare time Dalton enjoys remodeling houses, playing golf, and basketball, & spending time with family.

Tyler Boudreaux

Tyler Boudreaux

Chief Technology Officer

Tyler Boudreaux brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strategy to Champion. With a background in technology and over 10 years of experience in operations and administration, he has a passion for using technology to solve complex problems and drive positive change. Tyler is deeply committed to an ongoing journey of personal development, and is currently in pursuit of a master's degree in cyberpsychology.

The dynamic and innovative culture of Champion excites Tyler, as well as the opportunity to work with talented individuals who share his passion for excellence.

In his free time, Tyler enjoys fitness, gaming, and sports, and is a firm believer in the importance of giving back. Tyler regularly volunteers his time and resources to serve in his local community.

I sold my business for a couple of million dollars and set myself free.

My goals and my aspirations are too expansive to be contained.

So, about that rapidly expanding company I had on the side…

Something extraordinary had occurred a few months before.

I was out to dinner with friends when my buddy Brad shared he’d purchased a done-for-you e-commerce store that was returning 100% to 200% of his investment.

“You guys have to buy one of these. It’s a great passive income stream!”

My best friend Melton and I were sold! We shared a passion for creating wealth and for showing as many people as we could how they could do the same.

We went to purchase our DFY stores, but the company’s customer service raised too many red flags.

About Mobile Image

I blurted out,
“Guys, we could do this business better! We could do done-and-run-for-you E-commerce stores and be the best in the world with the amount of care and service we provide to our clients and our track record
in business.”

We knew it was a dream company for us—a way to rapidly change people’s financial stories and a way to give ordinary people passive income that is truly passive, not a second job!

I knew we needed one other person to do it right: Ian.

About Mobile Image

My friend Ian was also a top leader at the same financial services firm. Before I showed up, he held every record for being the youngest person ever to achieve this or that. Then he became my mentor, and I was able to break all of his records. We become close friends.

We recruited Ian to be Co-CEO. He was the perfect complement to me, and he’d built businesses bigger than most people could imagine.

At last, we had a dream team. Ian, our operational genius. Research and development whiz Brad. Melton, the “Coin Master.” And me… Every church requires a pastor, and I am zealous about helping people find us.

To top it all off, at the tail end of 2020, while we’re still putting the company together, Ian discovers another great income stream: digital real estate. Instead of just investing in it for ourselves, we bought the company! We saw an opportunity to pioneer digital real estate as a done-for-You managed service, with a substantial passive income upside for investors with five to eight figures to put in play.

E-commerce stores and internet properties done-and-run-for-you; We finally had a system that made it possible for people from all walks of life to earn passive income!