Melton Weaver

Melton Weaver is one of the original founders of Champion and leads our oh-so important finance department. He has been married for 15 years and has 3 young children whose sporting events he loves to attend and coach. He’s spent the past 17 years as a financial advisor and focused on developing and implementing a practice of organizational scaling through systems and culture development. Weaver has proudly served as a coach and mentor to the masses, and is highly sought after for the launch and growth of organizations ranging from casinos to churches around the country! 

Born and raised in Mobile Alabama, Melton attended the University of South Alabama where he received degrees in both finance and computer science. Melton is a true born and raised Crismons Tide fan, and when he is not watching sports, he enjoys playing golf, doing jiu jitsu and spending time with his beautiful family!

Brad Romero

Brad Romero is a self-made entrepreneur and family man. Despite dropping out of school at a young age, he has built a successful career since the early age of only 16 years old. To date, Brad has owned and operated over 11 businesses, selling most of them to continue scaling, and developing new ventures. With a strong passion for entrepreneurship, Romero has proven that hard work and determination can pay off.

Aside from his work here at Champion to continue pioneering new initiatives and refining our operation, Brad spends the remainder of his time as a devoted husband and father of four children.

Faith and family always come first as Brad strives to continually develop into a better leader, and motivator to those around him. He lives by the quote “Embracing discomfort and surrounding myself with like-minded individuals was my foundation to success.”

Ian Prukner

Ian Prukner is one of the original founders of Champion and now holds the extremely important title of CEO. He is deeply committed to creating a powerful and impactful opportunity for all to access the benefits of hands-free monthly recurring revenue.

Ian Prukner is a Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Coach. He has built companies in finance, real estate, e-commerce and intellectual property spaces doing over $4 Billion in sales to date, including a multiple 8-figure exit.

Prukner was born and raised in Royal Oak Michigan, and now resides in sunny Siesta Key Florida with his lovely Wife Jessica and 3 children Kayley, Zac and Zoey. 

Jake Fruge Jr

Jake Fruge Jr. is the owner and founder of JFJ Holdings, a 9-figure holdings company with ownership of over 25 companies each generating between 6 and 9 figures annually. 

With over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry, Fruge has been a mentor to thousands across the nation, building champions, and earning his nickname as “The People’s Champ” 

He currently resides in Houston Texas with his beautiful wife, Madison as they build a life to impact the masses through words, wisdom and wealth.